Lotus Wall Flats

Lotus Wall Flats


Lotus Wall Flats™ are lightweight 3D wall panels that work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale dimensional walls of any size and shape. Wall Flats work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted dimensional sculptural wall. You can cover an existing wall with Wall Flats or disguise a wallpaper or paneled wall. These modern wall tiles create a sculptural and continuous dimensional surface to any room setting through patterning.

Lotus Wall Flats create a modern rhythmic organic pattern on a feature wall or art piece.



Easily transform a boring wall into eye-catching wall art
Lightweight and Paintable
Easy to DIY
Recycled and biodegradable
Healthy and Safe with no chemical fillers

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Product Specifications:

MaterialsMade from a fibrous residue remaining after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. The fibrous residue, called Bagasse, used as the raw material is 100% recycled. Has no chemical fillers, plastics, no VOC's, and no urea-formaldehyde.

ContentsThe panels are sold by the box. Each contains 12 tiles and covers 32.3 sq ft

DimensionsEach panel is 19.7"x19.7" and are 3/4" deep

Fire Rating Class B, Flame Spread Index: 60, Smoke Developed Index: 35. If needed, a Class A rating can be achieved with a fire proof primer.