Alphenberg Leather was founded 6 years ago as a business unit in the company ESBECO. ESBECO is a Dutch leather producing company with 32 years experience. Alphenberg leather is specialized in leather flooring and leather walls. All installations are made with leather tiles installed piece by piece.

Alphenberg started off fast with great response from the market on the unique leather tiles and have become one af the leading brands for leather tiles. With the knowhow of ESBECO Alphenberg leather can create any leather tiles and special colors for our clients. 

Alphenberg leather tiles is ......


Our leather tiles are Distinctive, Striking, Different. It has a unique and beautiful look. ALPHENBERG leather flooring and leather wall tiles will make your home, office or shop look extremely attractive. Get inspired by the world of ALPHENBERG leather®. 


If you get ALPHENBERG®, you will get a very comfortable floor or wall in your home. The leather dampens sound, it can be easily cleaned, and it combines extremely well with under floor heating. It is fire resistent and you can wrap your fireplace in Alphenberg leather tiles. By using the different varieties you can create the right atmosphere in every room. Tundra and pampas, from sturdy to sleek! 


ALPHENBERG® uses a waste product and processes this into a high-quality, biologically stable product. ALPHENBERG® floors have been tanned in an environmentally friendly way and they are biologically degradable; the leather tiles are fully recyclable. 

The leather

Whether it concerns a leather flooring or leather wallcovering. Leather should look like leather. Not covered with pigments. Grain and structure of the skin have to be visible.

The sturdy and open character of the Alphenberg leather tiles is outstanding on a floor or wall and shows up even better on bigger surfaces. It enhances the ambiance and color of an interior. The leather tiles has a contrastive effect with modern, more artificial materials and is complementary to other natural materials. The color and texture of the tiles and strips is sturdy, daring and innovative.


 100% real Buffalo Leather Tiles,

 12 basic colors and 2 prints in (cobra and Kaiman).

 No Backing – extra flexibility  

 Organic and natural look and feel

 US sizes + easy to customize

 Sound reduction – absorb 10db of sound

 As durable as linoleum

 Tested for commercial use with excellent fire resistance. High Govmak no-burn rating

 Fast delivery by air door to door incl. glue and guidance

 Sustainable product

 Installation videos available