FineTec & Custom

FineTec & Custom


FineTec® is a reconstructed, real wood veneer manufactured from consistently available wood species and simulates the look of rare burl figures and unique, original designs.

Improving availability, consistency of finish and therefore price, FineTec is a real solution to finding good alternatives to replace hard to acquire species.

From ZebraWood to Ebony, Ash to Wenge, FineTec affords you uncompromised design capability without sacrificing budget or availability requirements.

As with other SanFoot products, FineTec can be custom stained and Digitally Printed to create endless design possibilities.

Custom Inlay offers the labor saving alternative to time-consuming veneer lay-ups. Inlays can be created to represent recurring designs, corporate identity and configurations for designer-coordinated tabletop and cabinetry applications. Prefinished SanFoot Custom Inlays can be produced for walls and ceilings while SanPly inlays can be manufactured for custom cabinetry, furniture and consumer products.

Multiple species can be laser cut to provide the most beautiful inlays achievable.

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