Wouldn't it be great if we could have wallpapers that were "ecologically valuable", and yet also chic and modern? You don't believe this is possible? Then let us convince you with the VISTA collection.

Natural materials such as grass, cork or granules not only give your walls a special, individual look, but also offer benefits such as sound and heat insulation. Each wallpaper is unique, because Nature does not adhere to repeating patterns and regulations, but has a mind of her very own. The combination of this naturalness with the technical possibilities we humans have created results in wallpaper designs of the highest quality and with an individual character.

Along with the typical natural colours such as brown, sand and grey, metallic colours play with the light to create shimmering highlights. Bronze, gold and silver are not only on-trend, but also give walls a new look, no matter what angle you view them from.

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