Full of Life Jungle


Abundant, playful and rich, this Jungle Wallpaper invites you to imagine peeling back leaves to find exotic animals just waiting to share their story.

Using light and shade to depict depth and density, Jungle’s softer brush strokes recall the delicacy of the natural world and the life sheltered within its trees. A wild addition to the home, you can almost hear the soothing chatter of the jungle’s animals, calling and playing with each other through the trees.

This Jungle Wallpaper is authentically reproduced onto a luxurious, non-woven material. As a result, the tonal qualities on this wallpaper are almost indistinguishable from hand painted wallpapers. Designed with Sian Zeng and painted by Aude Crepin.

Wallpaper size: W 82.68" X H 10.5 ft.

Roll composition: A B C panels of W 27.56" X H 10.5 ft.

Material: Fibrous non-woven, easy paste the wall type

VOC rating A+: the highest rating achieved for french indoor air quality

Care: adhesive may be wiped from the face of the wallcovering with a damp cloth or sponge at the time of hanging

* The colors you are viewing may not be an accurate depiction of the actual product colors. We strongly recommend ordering a sample to view before placing order.


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