New Cross


Research and explorations into the benefits of a tactile surface have lead us to develop a hard wearing stitch technique using thread through paper. Working with a British embroidery house, we are able to embroider directly onto non-woven fire retardant wallpaper, using polyester for high shine to ceramic cotton threads for a flat Matt finish.

The needlework provides a delicate and intricate craftsmanship to the wall coverings. Inviting to the touch and adding tonal elements of a single thread colour dependent on the angle of the viewer. This process has considerably less wastage than any print method and is solely made in the United Kingdom.

Size: 39.4" x 25.6"
Repeat length: 15.7"
Standard "Paste the Wall" wallpaper

* The colors you are viewing may not be an accurate depiction of the actual product colors. We strongly recommend ordering a sample to view before placing order.


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