Zoo Days


Get delightfully lost in this wild and unique design.

Pre-Pasted Information:
- Choose a pre-pasted wallpaper length that matches your ceiling height.
- Measure the width of the wall. Each pre-pasted strip is 2 ft wide. Ex. A 6 ft wide wall would need 3 strips of pre-pasted wallpaper.

Printed on high quality pre-pasted paper.

Easy to install and removable. Goes up with water. Comes down with water.

Low sheen.

Scratch resistant.

To clean, warm water + light rub.

Removable Tile (peel & stick) Information:
- Removable tile listing includes 2 tiles, each measuring 2 ft x 4 ft.

Printed on premium matte polyester wall fabric.

Easy to install and remove. Peel and stick.

Low sheen.


Clear tack wall adhesive backing.

Warm water + light rub to clean.

- Monitor coloring may differ. For color accuracy, order a sample.
- Please ensure that you order the correct amount for your walls, as we do not guarantee that tiles printed in different batches will match exactly.
- Items ship in 2 weeks
- Made to order, non-returnable.

* The colors you are viewing may not be an accurate depiction of the actual product colors. We strongly recommend ordering a sample to view before placing order.


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